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Pipeline by Stages in product-led growth

Manage the lifecycle of your customers from Signup to Churn.

Find your best leads to increase your revenues.

Successeve turns your product into a revenue machine by uncovering your top PQLs and automating your conversion campaigns.
Lead scoring: Identify and score your best sales opportunities.
Alerts & Notifications: Stay in the loop when there is a user update.
Automated outreach: Automate engagement to increase product adoption.
Qualified Trials
Product Qualified Leads pipeline in product-led growth software
Renewal pipeline in a customer success software retain & expand
Active Contacts

Onboard, Score and Renew your customers.

Successeve offers a solution dedicated to Customer Success Managers.
Health scores: Your north-star KPI to evaluate customer success.
Lifecycle modules: Adapt your process to customer journey.
Collaborative inbox: Motion the best customer success team.
Automated actions: Nurture unique relationships at scale.
Workflow automation in customer success software retain & expand

Automate your customers engagement.

Successeve integrates with all your other solutions to automate all your processes and customer engagement.
Workflows: Scale your onboarding & education.
Playbooks: Activate processes across the entire lifecycle.
Email sequences: Engage customers during their journey.

Learn about your users.

Successeve helps you understand user behavior with all-in-one-place metrics, trends and KPIs dashboards.
SaaS metrics dashboards: Get the relevant high level metrics for your business (Active Users, User Retention, etc) all-in-one place.
Advanced segmentation: Filter and analyze groups of accounts or contacts to analyze hidden patterns and action the right strategies.
Group analytics: Calculate metrics at the account or company level, like product adoption, active usage, and retention.
Graphic Analytics in customer success
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Strong Technology - Amazing ease of use.

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To go in production.
+ 50%
Client conversion increase.
+ 25%
Churn reduction.
3 Mths
Return on investment.

Over 200+ teams worldwide rely on us.

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Most Popular Features

360° Profiles
In one screen visualize contact and account profile information.
Health Scores
Identify the Health of each customer at each stage of their journey.
Create powerful dashboards with predefined widgets.
Get notifications on major events via Email, Slack.
Unified Inbox
Centralize all customers activities and exchanges in one place.
Integrate with major CRM, HelpDesk, No coding required

We were in dire need of a solution like Successeve

"We had data all over the place. Some in our CRM, some in our support ticketing solution and in-app conversation tool. We were in dire need of a solution able to aggregate all this live data and make it apparent and business-worthy for the teams"
Janice Goldfarb
VP Customer Success & Support

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