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How does Successeve compare with Calixa? What’s the best product-led sales software?
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Looking for an alternative to Calixa?

Calixa’s founders have built a very strong product-led sales platform that relies on product data to enhance the sales process and surfaces Product Qualified Leads to convert users into paying customers.

At first glance, it could look like Calixa’s platform is enough. But the benefits with Successeve are much more impressive, as Successeve offers a true PLG CRM software for salespeople, which means that on top of PQLs, go-to-market teams will be able to base their entire product-led sales motion in Successeve thanks to a real sales pipeline enriched with product usage scores, behavior-based automations and collaborative tools.

Finally, Successeve is a safe and complete solution that covers the entirety of the customer lifecycle from signup to churn - with features like PQLs that help with conversion and also features for customer success and churn fight.

Reason #1

All-in-one solution to manage your entire customer lifecycle.

Create alignment around essential customer scores and automated actions to foster collaboration among and between teams - from product, marketing and sales to customer success.

Collaborative features such as the Unified Inbox create a centralized knowledge center for all teams.
Inbox tool with emails notifications pulse tickets and more
Graphic Analytics in customer success

Reason #2

All insights and actions in REAL-TIME.

Discover truly dynamic products, with actual real-time processing, scoring and actions.

Start being on point with your customers thanks to actionable analytics, where customer behavior is not only displayed, but used to trigger the right action at the right time.

Reason #3

Impact at every customer level and stage.

Working in B2B is not dealing with companies. It is caring about customers working at companies.

Score health and trigger actions at 3 levels - contacts, accounts and group of accounts - in order to enhance engagement, increase conversion and retention.
Notifications in customer succes software
Dashboards and graphics for product-led growth and customer acquisition

Reason #4

Pricing that scales with you.

Successeve has a unique pricing model, totally adapted to your needs.
It is transparent and scalable.

You will pay per product, users, and amount of data.
Fair Pricing Policy
Successeve has a unique pricing model, totally adapted to your needs. It is transparent and scalable. You will pay per product, users, and amount of data.
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Over 200+ teams worldwide rely on us.

With Successeve:

Customer Profile in product-led growth to increase customer acquisition
Email campaign
Pipeline by Stages in product-led growth
Your marketing team is targeting the right leads
Your signups are activated
Your trials are experiencing value
Your sales team doesn’t waste time with irrelevant deals
Your customers are properly onboarded and educated
Your end-users are engaged
Your new features are announced, supported
Your product is adopted
Your customers are satisfied
Your team doesn’t miss upsell opportunities
Your renewals and revenues are forecasted (scored with health)
Your churners are sorted and filtered - for constant improvement.

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Voice of our customers

"The team at Successeve is very committed to our success and they go out of their way to work with us - I feel like they are a part of OUR team!"
"Successeve is easy to use and at the same time rich with the information we need. This means that at a glance we can see where all of our customers are in their journeys, who may need help, who is liable to expand, and more. Automations and clear presentation saves my team time doing busy work so they can spend more time doing what they do best: working with our customers."
"Since I started using Successeve I perfectly know my customer's health at all times. I'm able to anticipate myself to possible downgrades/churn and I'm able to follow up on all of them"

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