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Free SaaS metrics Dashboards

July 5, 2023
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As a general rule, our team tends to obey the famous motto, “If it doesn’t exist, build it”.

It’s in this very spirit that we built and launched in 2018 the very first product-led customer-success platform, Successeve.

Since then, we’ve had the chance to superpower amazing Customer Success teams around the globe… but not only.

Through time we were happily surprised to discover that Salesmachine had not only become the go-to solution of our customer’s CS teams, but that our solution had become an important tool for all product-led teams within these amazing  companies.

But why was that? We think it’s because Successeve acts as some sort of SaaS data “simplificator”.

Indeed, in order to provide CS teams with the best actionable insights, Successeve gathers and processes data from a wide variety of sources, from CRM to PSP, NPS and Support solutions.

In these cases, Successeve would first be purchased and implemented by the CS team, often visited by C-levels and execs, and increasingly used by other teams through time.  

Evidently, for our customers, there was a need for a user-friendly tool that would enable all teams to access their growth-essential data and metrics - and Successeve answered it.

So we couldn’t help but wonder, could this be something more companies would benefit from?

We thought long, and thought yes. Evidently it would.

Was there already on the market solutions that helped companies keep a live track of their growth-essential metrics?

Yes and No. But never so simple, never so actionable.

So we built it. (yes back to our motto ;))

And today, we are very pleased to launch TRACK, a pioneer solution that provides growth-essential metrics and account-based analytics to all SaaS, for free.

TRACK allows SaaS companies to keep a live track metrics by:

  • pulling out the data from their product and SaaS stack (CRM, NPS, PSP, etc.);
  • live-processing SaaS metrics;
  • revealing and displaying key SaaS metrics in dynamic dashboards and 360° contact and account customer profiles.

TRACK makes it easy for SaaS entrepreneurs, startups founders, Product, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams to visualize their data & growth-essential metrics.  

Some examples of how SaaS teams could use TRACK include:

  • CEOs and execs knowing where they stand in one glance.
  • Product teams enjoying access to account-based analytics dashboards and 360° profiles.
  • Marketing teams coordinating their actions with customer behavior.
  • Sales teams detecting upsell opportunities more easily.
  • CS teams getting the health status of their customer portfolio at hand.

SaaS companies of all size, will signup to TRACK in order to:

  • Use the dashboards as the company’s aggregate knowledge base;
  • Create more customer-centric KPIs;
  • Assess product usage performance over time;
  • Increase focus on customer intelligence;
  • Transition to a product-led growth strategy;
  • Easily share accurate key product usage metrics with stakeholders (VCs etc.)

TRACK actionable features include:

Pre-built dashboards templates displaying real time usage metrics such at contact and company level:

  • Feature Usage, Event variations, License Utilization;
  • DAU/WAU/MAU but also DAA, WAA, MAA;
  • Product Qualified leads scoring, Signups conversion rate;
  • and many more....

Detailed 360° Contact & Account profiles.

Slack alerts & notifications.

Empowering product-led teams

Dropbox, Slack, Calendly, Mailchimp… All these successful SaaS are native product-led companies.

SaaS recurring revenue model means that growth revolves entirely around your customer’s lasting satisfaction and success with your product - hopefully long after sign-up.

As such, teams involved in revenue generation should be concerned by the way the customers interact with the product at all times.

But while many SaaS monitor a certain amount of data - never enough! - it is often siloed and aggregated in a way which only serves its supposed assigned role within the organization.

In order to grow fast, SaaS startups must launch with reliable product metrics at hand, as soon as possible. Because, the earlier they will start relying on their product data, the better it will be at scale.

We believe that early-stage SaaS startups should nevertheless be able to keep a live track of their growth-essential metrics at all times.

The benefits of TRACK are very straightforward.

Short term benefits include:

  • One-click access to the company's vitals (revenue, customer base, product usage, etc.) - to always know where you stand.
  • centralized knowledge space to maximize team's alignment.
  • make data-driven decisions and more acute actions.

Long-term benefit:

  • Reaping out all the benefits of Product-Led Growth..

Don’t wait and Start empowering your product-led teams.

=> signup to TRACK and be up and running in a few clicks.

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