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Behavior Emails
Drive user engagement and increase revenue with behavior-based emails. Send targeted emails when people do or don’t do something in your product.
CS Playbooks
Semi-automated processes to always know what to do for each and every use case. It is best deployed for high-touch onboarding and renewal processes.
Customer Notification Campaigns
Notify your customers about matters they should be aware of. Save time on follow ups.
Dunning Process
Get rid of expired credit card and past due invoices. Automate time consuming customer operations.
Email Personalization
Convert leads, boost product adoption, and re-engage passive customers with highly-personalized emails that resonate with your audience.
Email notifications
Get real-team updates on major user events directly in your email.
Expansion Playbook
Make sure to address all expansion opportunities by automating their detection. Provide usage and health context to your team to support upsells process.
Get notifications on major events via Email, Slack.
Onboarding Playbook
Delight your customers with a repeatable process that guarantees the shortest time-to-value.
Renewal Playbook
Walk your customers through the renewal of their subscription. Split your engagement based on their success and satisfaction to maximize your chances.
Retention Playbook
Prevent customer churn with automated alerts, notifications and insights. Set-up step by step actions to walk at-risk customers right back to success.
Slack bot
Surface all key data about your customers directly in Slack. Ease communication with your team.
Slack notifications
Get real-team updates on major user events directly in Slack
Success Playbook
Provide automated context and insights to you team, in order to walk you customers to success in a truly bespoke way.
Trial Conversion Playbook
Drive your signups through steps by steps activation and educational campaigns. Identify those that are ready to convert.
User Activation Campaigns
Activate new contacts in your customer’s team by sending them relevant email campaigns.

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