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Activation Score
Make sure your signups go through the entire activation process.
Adoption Score
Track the overall adoption of your product by your customers and make sure they use all your features.
Breadth of usage score
Understand how many people within your customer team are using your product.
Customer Fit Score
Make sure you work with customers match your ideal customer profile by scoring them using firmographics.
Depth of Usage
Measure how deep your customers are using your product.
Keep track of how often your customers are using your product (or features).
Health Score
Get an instantaneous view into the status and engagement of your customer with a powerful Health Score builder, real-time, custom and flexible.
Find out the impact your solution had on your customers.
Onboarding Score
Make sure your customers go through the entire onboarding process by scoring each steps and define milestones.
Measure the outcome your solution provided to your customers
Renewal Score
Determine the willingness of your customers to renew.
Satisfaction Score
Combine NPS, CSAT and other indicators into an overall satisfaction score.
Trial Success Score
Identify the trial users that experienced value with your product.
Detect if your customers are increasing their usage of your product or not.

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