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Workflow automation in customer success software retain & expand
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Workflow automation in customer success software retain & expand

Create behavorial automations.

Automate onboarding & education.

Engage with your customers with automated e-mail campaigns based on customer behavior. Target specific segments of accounts and maximise your impact according to your customers' profiles.
Triggers: On events, segment entry or exit, change of stage.
Actions: Send HTML emails, notifications, push data to CRM.
Workflow automation in customer success software retain & expand
Playbook example for customer success onboarding

Automate processes across the entire lifecycle.

Create playbooks that automatically send welcome and onboarding emails assign accounts to team members, implement personalized renewal processes, notify you in response to your customer’s behavior.
Nurture Unique Relationships at scale: Dramatically increase customer engagement using automated Workflows for your bespoke target campaigns to reach out to the right customers, at scale.
Powerful but intuitive playbook builder: Triggers on segments, lifecycle entry and exists Conditions on both attributes and events Advanced AND and OR rules.

Engage customers during their journey.

The ideal tool to increase customer engagement at the time of onboarding or expand customers when they are ready. Automated email campaigns allow teams to send out personalized content at scale.
Triggers: .
Integration : Integrate with Email Providers.
Email campaign
Email campagne automation

Power customer engagement and team processes.

Scale your actions: Maximize your impact on your customer journey to drive more customers to your crucial revenue stages -  conversion - retention and expansion.

Successeve allows you to manage in a personalized way thousands of contacts and accounts by creating automated email sequences, process, notifications and tasks that are triggered by user behavior.
Playbook example for customer success onboarding

USE CASE Playbooks

Implement a renewal process based on your customers health

Increase your retention by using playbooks adapted to your customers health and product outcome.
Walk your at-risks customers through a success plan before engaging the renewal discussion
Provide high quality service to all your customers, even the medium or low tiers: make your customers feel they are all important
Differentiate your actions according to your customers goals and your impact. Onboarding your end-users at scale

USE CASE Workflows

Onboarding your end-users at scale

Increase your product adoption by triggering automated onboarding and educational email campaigns.
Welcome team members joining an existing team: send automated email to people joining team you already onboarded, invite them to webinars or 1:1 calls
Drive features activation: identify all the users who never used one key feature to activate them
Send post-onboarding educational content: once your customer has been onboarded, nurture your end users with dedicated email campaigns.
Workflow automation in customer success software retain & expand

Most Popular Features

360° Profiles
In one screen visualize contact and account profile information.
Health Scores
Identify the Health of each customer at each stage of their journey.
Create powerful dashboards with predefined widgets.
Get notifications on major events via Email, Slack.
Unified Inbox
Centralize all customers activities and exchanges in one place.
Integrate with major CRM, HelpDesk, No coding required

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