How to announce product updates to boost product adoption

January 15, 2024
7 min read
Product Experience

Updating your product periodically is a crucial business component. New product updates and features are essential to keep your customers hooked and improve your product. When you come up with new product updates, it's a sign that you are acting upon your customers’ feedback.

The real challenge comes with the task of delivering that message. Announcing these updates is a bit tricky, and this is where most businesses get it wrong. The way you do this can either excite or easily annoy them. You need to give it more thought before moving forward with the strategy.

In this article, we'll take you through all the details of product updates and how to announce them properly.

What is a product update?

Generally, companies bring a product update either to add some advanced features or to remove a bug.

Product release announcements or product updates are incredibly crucial because you're inviting the customers to have a look at them by launching them. These invitations will create buzz and awareness about your products among its users.

This is where the way you communicate with your customers matters. As mentioned earlier, it's easy to annoy your customers instead of exciting them. There are many things to keep in mind while you're thinking of announcing product updates.

  • Don't interrupt the users with announcements while they're using the product. This means you need to refrain from sending them any pop-up notification that just blocks their work and productivity time.
  • Inform them about product updates in the shortest words and as clear as possible.
  • Don't just tell them what the product update is but also how they can use it for their benefit.
  • Don't send them notifications of every product advancement. Now probably there were some sort of technical changes, but your audience doesn't have to do anything with it.So sending them countless notifications about something they don't care about is like telling them that you don't know them and their preferences.

If you think of moving forward by ignoring these crucial points and sharing the worst experience of sending them countless pop-ups and notifications, then eventually they will either develop a habit of skipping them or won't use your product altogether.

Rather than going with such a bad strategy, it's better to follow the above mentioned points and load these announcements according to the proper text book.

This way, the users are equally excited about the product update because you want them to care about your product and anything that happens with it.

But can you do it? Can you make them care about your product?

The answer is yes, as long as you're ready to go a little further with your efforts and strategies.This is what we're going to talk about in the next section.

How to announce product updates in-app?

There is a misconception that in-app messaging is the same as push notifications. In-app messaging is different from push notifications.

You cannot send someone an in-app message unless they’re using the product but you can send them a push notification regardless of the condition if they’re using the product or not.

As I have mentioned in the article before, sending product announcements should not interrupt the users.

You can have a button that showcases a sign which means a new product update has been released—rather than sending pop-ups that would interfere in the user's work.

Your users are aware that the product updates are essential and valuable, so they will be excited to know about the new features and improvements.

This is where Successeve comes in—with it; you can personalize the product experience for every user with timely engagements. You can also highlight specific features and then guide the users on how to use them.

So basically, you'll have all of your tools in one place to increase product adoption. You can start your work on increasing product adoption with Salesmachine today.

How to announce your product update with an email?

Emails are still the best way to initiate conversations with your users. And updating your email users is very important and which is why you need to know the correct way to write a product email.

There are some of the essential points you need to take care of while writing a product update email, and here are they:

  • You need to design your emails, and all of the updates should be summarized in their respective categories.
  • Guide your users regarding your product updates through the email.
  • When you send the email with your product updates, make sure that you send clear, brief, and sufficient information about the product.
  • Add the touch of personalization in your email, so the user feels more encouraged about the product update.
  • Find the perfect time to send such emails to avoid getting lost amidst the email traffic.

While introducing the product updates via in-app messaging, you must take into account the user's valuable time. With emails, you should try to introduce them to a guided solution that helps them understand the product update.

Though emails are still one of the most valuable and effective ways to communicate with your customer base, make sure that you send these emails to add value to your users experience rather than promoting your product every time.

Final Words

This article was entirely focused on the user's perspective and what you should do to ensure that your customer continues to use your product—ultimately increasing product adoption.

When you come with a new product update, it's crucial that you spend time strategizing the right way to announce it.

Because even if you come up with a mind-blowing new feature that will make your users' lives better than ever before, if you fail to communicate the value of that feature—it's a wasted opportunity.

So make sure you take your time and think about the ideal audience and the best way to announce new product features before it..

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