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Get a full picture of your customers

Feed your team with the mandatory customer-related data to properly engage with your customers when they need it the most.

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Build better customer management strategies

Adapt your engagement to your customers satisfaction, health score, stage in your lifecycle and much more!

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Build up your retention

Properly educated signups who already experienced your value will be more likely to stay longer alongside your teams because they have not purchased “just to see”, but to “keep going”.

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Align your teams around your customers needs

Put your customers at the center of your teams daily actions within a a collaborative environment that keeps everyone on the same page.

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Manage and stay up to date with your customers during their journey.

Your north-star KPI to evaluate customer success.

For many companies, the health score is the base of a customer success strategy. Health scores are generally used as a leading indicator of churn and a tool to understand current or future customer happiness.
Health Scores Builder: Successeve offers the most powerful Health Score builder, enabling you to build 100% custom and flexible Health Scores that update in real time, differ according to the customer lifecycle, and experiment with different approaches.
Advanced Segmentation: Custom health scores can be built for any customer cohort, lifecycle stage or any other way you want to slice your customer base - even at contact level.
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Adapt process to customer journey.

The daily-job of a CSM is managing customers that are at various different stages of their journeys. The stages that require the utmost attention - both in terms or risk and opportunities - generally are onboarding, renewal, upsells and churn.
Customer Lifecycle: Successeve built its solution around the customer lifecycle to boost the results of the customer success teams.
Custom Views: Successeve dedicated lifecycle modules offer a set of custom views, according to the critical stage the customers find themselves in.

Motion the best customer success team.

Managing a customer success team is no easy task. Customer Success Management is a complex and meticulous process that requires a combination of analytical & organizational skills.
Dedicated working space: Successeve offers customer success teams a dedicated working space that gathers all the informations in one place.
Successeve Collaborative Inbox displays it all - from emails, chats, tickets to tasks and notifications.
Teams alignment: Use the Collaborative Inbox to collaborate cross-functionally across pre and post-sale teams to ensure customers reach their desired outcomes.
Inbox tool with emails notifications pulse tickets and more
Email campagne automation
Email campaign

Nurture unique relationships at scale.

Dramatically increase customer engagement using automated Playbooks and Workflows for your bespoke target campaigns to reach out to the right customers, at the right moment with the right content.
Playbooks: Automate processes across the entire lifecycle, send welcome and onboarding emails, assign accounts to team members, implement personalized renewal processes
Workflows: They are the ideal tool to increase customer engagement at the time of onboarding or expand customers when they are ready. Automated email campaigns allow teams to send out personalized content at scale.

Power Success from scratch to scale.

Grow and collaborate with your customers: Make your customers successful to forge long-lasting relationships and drive leading net revenue retention.

Successeve is the ideal solution to growth your customer success team from scratch to scale, allowing you to pilot your customer success strategy in a dedicated solution that powers precise health scores and automated actions - adapted to the crucial stages of the customer journey - from onboarding to renewal and churn.
+ 120%
Customer renewal.
Average annual retention.
2 Mths
Months investment pay-back.
Inbox tool with emails notifications pulse tickets and more


You shouldn’t compromise on your way of doing business - adapt Successeve flexible customer platform after the specific processes of your business and customers.

High-touch customer success is complicated. Data in different systems, multiple internal and external stakeholders, complex processes, bespoke approaches for large clients, and aligning everyone around goals are just examples, and it takes time! Successeve solves these problems and more, enabling you to manage data, tasks and projects in a personalized manner.
Playbooks: Create clear, aligned processes to move your customer’s efficiently through the customer lifecycle. Prevent new team members from reinventing the wheel and have Successeve automatically manage what needs to happen, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done.
Collaborative Inbox: Use Successeve Collaborative Inbox to collaborate cross-functionally across pre and post-sale teams to streamline processes and ensure customers reach their desired outcomes.


Self-serve customers are great - and supposedly requires less man-power. The reality of managing this process is a bit more arduous.

In order to ensure retention and maximize revenue,  it is paramount to work with clean data, defined processes and the right amount of personalized interactions with the customers.
Custom scores: Use Successeve Custom Score Builder to analyze customer segments evolution overtime. Scope product adoption based on account and user behavior, usage frequency, feature activation, NPS and more signals.
Workflows: Engage with your customers with automated e-mail campaigns based on customer behavior. Target specific segments of accounts and maximise your impact according to your customers' profiles and lifecycle stage.
Email campaign
Email campagne automation

Most Popular Features

360° Profiles
In one screen visualize contact and account profile information.
Health Scores
Identify the Health of each customer at each stage of their journey.
Create powerful dashboards with predefined widgets.
Get notifications on major events via Email, Slack.
Unified Inbox
Centralize all customers activities and exchanges in one place.
Integrate with major CRM, HelpDesk, No coding required

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