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Maximize the impact of your retention strategies by learning from your churn and taking the appropriate actions.

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Get Started Reducing your Churn

Customize widgets to keep track of the most important KPIs
Get instant view of your teams performance
Share real-time insights with your teams
Know and roll out what you should do next
Stay aware of all customer communications
Be alerted when something important happens
Identify usage patterns leading to churn
Build automations based on churn reasons
Analyze usage patterns on specific lists of contacts and accounts
Automatically link and weigh churn reasons to the MRR lost
Launch win-back strategies
Prevent additional churn by taking the right actions
Keep track of your churn rate
Shed light on churn reasons
Evalutate your teams performance
Build powerful processes for high conversion
Help your team follow-up properly with your qualified leads
Facilitate teams handovers
Drive conversion with impactful engagement
Scale your outreach with powerful email drip campaigns
Automate your dunning process
Build custom dashboards to track your churn rate
Centralize customers notifications, updates and actions including tasks and playbooks
Sort out your customers according to the most complex conditions
Gain a clear understanding of the reasons behind your customer churn
Leverage pre-built reports to help you achieve your goals
Create your own Playbooks and adapt them to your needs and those of your collaborators
Create Workflows to suit your needs, so that you can keep track of each and every one of your customers

Spot what prevents your growth

Combine advanced scoring solutions to data coming from your cancelation flow to identify patterns leading to customer churn. Get insightful dashboard to help you monitor your churn.

Refine your retention strategies

Detect customer disengagement, apply your learnings and take the appropriate actions for your customers and pro-actively address disengagement before it’s too late. Track the health of your customers and measure the impact of your actions on your revenues.

Bring back your customers at scale

Automatically follow-up on your churners based on their churn reason and scores to win them back with relevant actions and offers. Scale your engagement and dramatically reduce your churn.

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