Make your Customer Data Actionnable

Build your single data source of truth and get a complete view of your customers. Synchronyze multiple sources of data, benefit from a 360 view of your customers and push enriched scores to your entire stack.

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Update in real-time your customer profiles

Make sure to be up-to-date on your customers data, stop chasing customer information across your entire stack.

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Push your Successeve Scores into your other favorite tools

Level-up your technical stack with enriched customer profiles, including scores, specific patterns and your teams touch points and engagement.

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Give your product usage data more power

Combine your customer traits to their in-app behavior. Get a stream of your end-users actions within your app to see who is doing what in real-time.

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Work live, not with outdated data

Strike while iron is hot. Take actions when things happen, not once it’s too late. Your customer data will be processed in real-time so you can be notified of all updates right away.

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