Product and Behavioral Analytics

Deep dive into your product usage data with powerful analytics designed for B2B SaaS Companies.

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Get a REAL-TIME view of your users actions

Get a stream of your end-users' actions within your app to see who is doing what in real-time. Get an historical view of the actions of your customers team members.

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Dig deep into your product analytics

Combine usage trends to segments and identify Unique Accounts or Contacts who are truly using your product.

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Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

Optimize your engagement by tracking your emails open and click rates.

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Share your performance with your team

Build custom dashboards to align your teams around your most critical KPIs and share your success with your entire company.

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Identify your most used Features

Have a better understanding of how your customers are using your product and which features are providing the most value.

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Keep track of your product usage trends

Follow your feature usage over time and make sure your customers are always getting more value all along their journey.

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