How to use onboarding video tutorials to spark SaaS customer engagement?

January 15, 2024
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You successfully got a new trial user, and now it's time for you to introduce the product. Onboarding is the most crucial step in the sales process for your product.

A rocky onboarding process can convince your users to abandon your ship at the last moment. This is why you need to take this step seriously, and rather than leaving everything to users, you must guide them through your product with a thoroughly  prepared onboarding process.

Videos are a proven way to engage your customers. According to Topyx, the human brain can remember 95% of the information while watching, compared to the 10% retention rate while reading it.

Videos are the perfect medium to engage your customers, and to make your onboarding process interactive.

In this article, we'll take you through the best practices that will help you make your onboarding process engaging.

What's an onboarding video?

Onboarding video is all about informational content to help your customer understand your product and its integral functions.

It's your choice whether you want to introduce an onboarding video in the welcome email or maybe after it. However, you should notify your customer within the first email that they will soon start receiving their onboarding videos in the following emails.

Onboarding videos are the best way to educate your customers who want to keep their first interaction with the product less overwhelming.

It will also allow you to demonstrate the product to your customers and give them an idea about how it works. With this, you can provide a relatable or intersecting point for long-term relations with your customers.

Why should you use videos for onboarding?

A picture says a thousand words and a video itself conveys ten of thousand words on its own.

In the world of digitalization, most Saas businesses are shifting their whole outlook to win the game of rapid changes. Now it's more convenient for customers to understand the core functionalities of the product with ease.

According to a survey, video tutorials help companies get 8 out of the ten people on the purchasing process.

Video tutorials are gaining popularity compared to long and tedious written manuals. So, it will be beneficial for you to switch to this trend promptly.

Here's are more benefits to let you through the compatibility of onboarding videos.;

To educate the new users

Adding a customer onboarding video is the best way to help them understand all the essential details about your product and its features.

The most significant advantage of video tutorials is that they educate your customers visually, which is easy to digest and remember.

In addition to this, it gives a more interactive feeling to customers than any other onboarding process.

Self-served learning

Another benefit of onboarding videos is that it allows customers to learn at their favourable momentum. They can learn at their own pace without rushing anything.

It also saves your customer from skipping the first step of training because of rigid time limits, as they can resume their learning at ease.

Decreases the customer's support work volume

When customers interact with the product for the first time, they get common questions. And everyone wants to get a quick answer to proceed further.

Answering all these questions repeatedly for different customers can consume a lot of time or worse, delayed replies, which can frustrate your users.

Regarding this issue, an onboarding video can be of great help - by addressing these recurring inquiries. It also allows your customer support team to focus on your customer’s real issues.

Best strategies for customer onboarding videos

Onboarding videos are guides for the customers that provide them with an improvised insight into your product while keeping it exciting and interactive.

You can't just add any random onboarding video without any proper strategy.

So, here are some of the best strategies you can use to spark more interest and create practical onboarding videos for your customers.

Select the right onboarding video

You need to devise a plan for the content of the video. There are different types of onboarding videos that serve other purposes in helping customers.

Brainstorm and ask yourself the purpose of this video from the brand's perspective, and will this perspective be beneficial for the customers? Based on your answers, you can move forward and decide on the correct type of onboarding video.

Such as tutorial videos to teach the customer about the functioning of your SaaS product or informing new users about your product.

Some of the standard video types are:

  • Tutorial videos
  • Interaction videos
  • Animation videos
  • Live videos

Add the touch of personalization.

Every customer's expertise with tech is different, so their related problems too. Ask them about their struggles with the product's understanding and offer them a personalized solution.

Learn about their goals and recommend them videos according to that, and ultimately you're one step closer to making their onboarding smooth.

With Successeve, it is very easy to send send a mini onboarding vidéo once your user has reached a certain point in your product. For instance, once a specific feature has been used or an initial outcome has been reached. Create segments and automate workflows to personalize according to product usage.

Add onboarding videos on your homepage.

Many customers leave even before looking at your video, let alone the long manual. So, you have to make your video more visible with pop-ups and interactive visuals on the top of your home page in a way that doesn't hinder the customers' work.

Having an onboarding video on your homepage is a great strategy. Your customer can avoid those long manuals and understand the value you have to offer, just in a short video. Hence no chance of any misunderstanding about your product.

Make it easier for them to get help.

Even after watching the onboarding videos, there might still be some queries they want to ask. So directing them to the FAQ section or customer support section can resolve their issues.

Providing a quick and exact solution to the customer's problem is another way of retaining them for long.

Any unsolved problem or delayed solution can generate a sense of ignorance which can be a grave problem for your business.

Always include a video in a tooltip

Most customers choose tooltips to learn about the functioning of your product. Manual tooltips are generally hard to understand or even complicate things further.

Visual presentation of tooltips by videos to show product usage process is more time saving and increases customers’ focus as it makes it simple to understand.

Help new users with a video in welcome emails.

A quick follow-up with a welcome email is perfect just after signing up.

First impressions should be impressive. It enhances the customer experience by making onboarding more convenient and easy to process.

Also, adding a video in your emails can increase click rates by 300%, so why let such an advantage slip through your fingers?


Videos undoubtedly are a great way to assist your users with onboarding, but you have to confirm that your product should be compatible enough to operate such product walkthroughs smoothly.

If your product interface lags while using the product, it will degrade the customer experience more than increasing it. For good customer retention, you must have a proper strategy for your onboarding process.

With a good onboarding process, you get one step closer to retaining your customers or users for a while. However, you need to continue providing such experiences further in your customer journey to ensure a long term relationship.

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