Providing the means for Dozuki’s customer-first approach while ensuring the highest data security


Like many of the best business success stories - Dozuki was built out of necessity - as an internal software of its parent company iFixit - the online repair manual for everything.

Unable to find a standardized platform both clear and engaging enough to empower even the most novice of users, iFixit teams had to apply their own DIY recipe - and build one for themselves. That's how Dozuki was born and subsequently launched in 2011.

Today, Dozuki provides its innovative manufacturing customers around the globe with a visual, cloud-based documentation SaaS platform. Helping them implement a continuous improvement culture for their people, their processes, and their communication for users globally.

The Customer Success team at Dozuki is responsible for ensuring their customers get the highest possible value out of their solution and provide a top of class support.

The team's customer-first value required the difficult reconciliation of a phenomenal amount of data spread out across its internal stack and customer database, all of which prevented proactive personalized relationships.

As Dozuki’s customer success team began researching how to improve the process and maintain security, Successeve stood as a means of providing the insights and action tools they needed while maintaining the highest level of security for their customers' data.

Allowing Dozuki to leverage usage data to provide its customers with the best experience

As stated by Janice Goldfarb, VP Customer Success & Support at Dozuki, the company’s value is to always put the customer first. For example,  “When an internal meeting clashes with a sudden customer request it's always the customer who's going to come first” she illustrated.

To assert this value on a daily basis, Janice has built a team of customer success representatives - including a portion of them being entirely dedicated to the enterprise customers - encompassing hundreds of thousands of users.

A big part of the top-of-class attention to the customers is engaging in proactive, personalized communications, which isn't always easy when dealing with a wide variety of customer cases and a phenomenal amount of daily users. Making the need to find all the data and insights in one place ever more so critical.

This ambition had severe limitations due to the scattering of information from many different sources. "We had data all over the place. Some in our CRM, some in our support ticketing solution and in-app conversation tool” explains Janice Goldfarb. “We were in dire need of a solution able to aggregate all this live data and make it apparent and business-worthy for the teams" she follows.

Since implementing Successeve, all the necessary financial, customer and product data converge to the platform. Now, the customer success team is always working with the most accurate and extensive insights. This allows for thorough and well-informed interactions with the customers.

Maintaining a safe environment for industrial proprietary data

Part of the process and training assets Dozuki's customers share with their employees are related to their core business and innovations. Which makes intellectual proprietary data an essential concern.

Data security is thus at the core of Dozuki. It is built into the fabric of their product, processes, and infrastructure so their customers can rest easy knowing their proprietary data is safe.

On top of the safe-keeping of the critical customer data, restrictive access to this data is also a strong concern - both on the clients’ side - and on Dozuki’s.

With Dozuki, manufacturers can control the knowledge users can access so that they have what they need when they need it. But only what they actually need. The same policy applies to Dozuki's employees - they do not need customers' proprietary content, so Dozuki makes sure it's not accessible to them.

Yet, customer satisfaction is also a core value. It was thus mandatory to partner with a customer success platform with the same security standard.

Successeve ensures this security.

“We are now able to safely extract from our database the type of information we need and leverage it to ensure customers’ satisfaction. We send over this live flow usage data to Successeve which aggregates it with all the other sources and pulls out insights for the teams.” says Janice Goldfarb.

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