Configure Churn

Understanding why people stop using your solution is key for your growth. Without this knowledge, all your efforts in marketing and sales will be destroyed for unknown reason.

The Successeve Churn module will help you automatically classify your churn (logo and revenue) according to their churn reason so you can work as teams to improve your retention.

Wether you have a product-led growth, hybrid or sales-led approach, Successeve Churn can be configured to fit your business needs, either collecting your customers churn reasons automatically, or letting your team update them manually.

Win-back campaigns can also be implemented to help you get back your customers depending on the reason they chose and the MRR left with their cancelation.

Product-Led Customer Churn Approach

This approach applies when you offer your customers a cancelation page so they can provide you more details about their churn.

These pages usually contain a list of reasons your customers can choose to help, and a space to provide more detailed explanation.

The Successeve API will provide you pre-defined fields to store this information, including:

• churn_date

• churn_mrr

• churn_reason

• churn_comment

Sales-Led Customer Churn Approach

The sales-led customer churn approach is usually more manual as your teams are working with less but bigger accounts.

Unless an unexpected surprise, your team should already be aware of the willingness of your customers to cancel their subscriptions. But despite all the good work your team can provide, sometimes it is just not enough, and your customers are moving away.

Teams having an high touch approach with their portfolio usually include the filling of their customer churn reason during the customer off-boarding once the subscriptions is ended.

In that case, your team will be able to update the churn reason as part of your customer off-boarding process so you can get your churners classified automatically and benefit from powerful insights.

Winning-back Customers

Customers may not be lost forever. Depending on their churn reason, getting back churned customers onboard might even be more efficient than new customers as they should already know you product.

People can leave due to many reasons, but some such as the following could lead to a customer win-back:

• Pricing too high - don’t see enough value

• Faced too many technical issues

• Missing features

For all these reasons it will be very easy for your team to segment these churners and reactivate them with a discount, once you fixed the technical issues or built the missing features.

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