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Convert, by Successeve helps you increase your conversion rate by scoring your signups and offering them very precise help through your engagement.

Many use cases can be covered, wether you have a huge amount of signups per month, or low volume but highly valuable leads, desire to engage with them 1:1 or at scale.

Convert includes two main scores to help you convert your freemiums and trials in addition to the PQL pipeline.

Customer Fit Score

The Customer Fit Score helps you segment your signups based on their potential deal size, route your leads to either your product/marketing or sales team, and can even be used to improve your acquisition marketing campaigns.

It is based on signals in which you will be able to leverage datapoints such as company size, estimated revenues, technologies used, country, etc.

The closest these conditions  are of your ICP traits, the better, as it will help your teams properly walk your customers through the right journey.

Product Adoption Score

The Product Adoption Score helps you get insights of the value experienced by your signups during their trial. Someone who fully adopted your product will be of course more likely to convert than anyone else as he will have experienced full value of your promise.

As for the customer fit, this score is based on signals but these one will deal with in-app behavior.

Different types of signals can be used but we highly recommend to use signals that translate milestone achievements, such as “has imported contacts”, “has created a campaign”, etc.

Both these scores will provide you a rank from 0 to 100 according to the quantity of signals matched.

Next step will be to define when Successeve should consider your signups as Qualified.

PQL Matrice

This matrice offers you 16 possibilities to consider a signup as qualified or not based on the four options provided by the Customer Fit and Product Adoption scores.

The most classic but still very efficient setup would be select the 1 or 4 options on the top right of the matrice like this.

PQL Pipeline

Within Convert, you can also define a pipeline to help your sales team have a proper follow up with your leads and never miss opportunities.

The stages per default are

• Engaged

• Sales Qualified

• Closing

• Sales disqualified

But you are free to change them to something closer to your process!

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