Define product adoption score

Define product adoption score

The Successeve Product Adoption Score is a signal-based score, ranked from 0 to 100, depending on the number of signals matched.

The Product Adoption Score will help you understand how deep your signups have gone into your product during their freemium or trial, so that you can trigger the right actions to increase their adoption and maximize your conversion rate.

To set it up, you will need to define signals based on events, that highlight a certain behavior or milestone reached.

We usually recommend to include all touring or walk-trough in-app guide you may have, the combination of events related to the main features your signups can use during their trial, and events such as invited_teammate or viewed_pricing_page, if you have such.

Signals and weight to define milestone:

Depending on the weight you apply to each signal, you will have different score possibilities.

Example with a list of signals having the same weight:

Defining conditions such as: campaign_created is more than 2 ever will surface accounts that have reached the milestone of having already created at least 3 campaigns.

Combining such signals based on the different features available during your trial will help you map your trial journey and gain better understanding of the actions that drive to conversion.

You will find a complete guide to understand how to leverage the Product Adoption score here: World class conversion

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