Identify your PQLs

Different strategies can be applied depending on your scores signals and priorities. Good news is, to identify your Product-Qualified Leads, Successeve provides you a matrice that can be used many ways.

Classic PQL

This configuration will help you identify the leads who justify a human touch:

Strict PQL

This configuration is recommended when having a very high number of signups, so that your team will solely surface the perfect leads:

Wide PQL

If you are not sure about the thresholds, you may broaden the previous matrice and provide more flexibility to your team.

Main question will be:

“Do we define the ‘No Match’ and/or ‘Partial Match’ segments as leads qualifying for self-service plans, or as leads not qualifying at all for our service or product?”


Large companies usually don’t test products. This means they usually get a very low adoption score. Your sales team might miss some opportunities by not selecting these options.

Old fashion

Whatever the customer fit, as soon as your leads reached their Aha! moment, it’s time to convert them. This is even more relevant when you only have 1 or 2 plans that can be a good fit for everybody or have only self-service plans that do not require a sales team to participate to the conversion effort.

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