Adapt your engagement to your leads firmographics and scores

In other words - “Give context and relevance to your engagement”.

As we have seen with our Customer Fit Score, people or companies might be a good fit for your sales team or may be more qualifying for self-service plans.

Combining the Customer Fit and Product Adoption score to provide a more granular engagement will help you get better results!

Let’s say that one of your signup is a perfect match for your sales team and already started to use your product but without going through the entire process of value creation. They haven’t used all your features and may have not experience full value of your product yet.

Your Sales team is interested in speaking to them to see if they have a concrete project or not.

Here is an example of 2 different emails, the first one is not using any score at all, the second one is leveraging the Product Adoption Score.

Guess which one of these two will have more replies?

Depending on the number of signals you can have per score, your leads will fall into one of the 16 segments we have seen earlier. These 16 segments are as many triggers you can use, and can also be simplified using the 4 main groups of the Product Adoption Score, differentiating the sub-segments within the email directly.

Next step will be to set up emails according to segments and signals matched.

Wrap Up

Adapting your engagement strategy to your signups, based on the manner they have been using your product during your trial, will help you provide more relevant and actionable guidance to them, which will foster a quick increase of your conversion rate.

The hardest part is to understand what actions lead to conversion - but you can definitely start by splitting your main features into a list of usage milestones to make sure they went through each one of them.

The good news is that this is not a one time process to implement, but something you can improve over time by checking the scores of your most recent converted leads and combining this information with the adoption scores of your most recent churners.

In short, this means finally understanding the actions that make your leads convert and the ones that make them stay!

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