The Product-Led Sales Mindset

Differences between Sales and Product Led

If you are currently working in your CRM, you might see your leads as follow:

The main information available will be related to the touchpoints of your both marketing and sales teams, such as downloading a premium content, attending a webinar, having a demo call, etc.

Question: which one of these two leads are more willing to move forward with you?

Now, let’s take the same two accounts, but a the Successeve scores:

As you can see, these two leads attended the same webinars, downloaded the same guides, but didn’t experience the same value of your trial.

The need to adapt our sales engagement

The Product-Led mindset means that you will include your leads behavior within your product into the equation. The deeper they used your product, the more they will be familiar with it and experience its value even before being paying customer.

As your team has more context about how each ones of these leads used your product, they will be able to leverage it and provide an even more impactful outreach.

Let’s take the example of an email one of your account executive could send to your leads.

Guess which email will lead to the strongest pipeline?

The need to adapt self-service impact

This type of email, is obviously closely tied up to your product adoption.

The worst case would be to only have signups who create an account and never come back due to a bad activation. In the best case they would all go through your product onboarding, setup properly their account as deep as they can and get value out of your product.

In both cases it means that besides your marketing and sales efforts, you also need to continually work on your product adoption, wether through the improvement of your product onboarding tours, activation emails, documentation, tutorials, etc.

Your team just can’t call all your signups to walk them one by one, you need to have a product and bumpers (automated messages, in-app tours, etc.) that do the education and insure your customers a good product discovery and adoption.

The good news here is that even for leads which could not be big enough for your sales team, these effort will increase your conversion rate coming from self-service customers which should later on qualify for upsell opportunities.

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