Insure your customers’ success

For many reasons, your customers can no longer be successful. At this step, you can stage per stage combine the different risk factors you identified (and may be identify additional ones) to make sure to provide the best solutions to your customers.

Design powerful success plans

Each risk factor becomes a conditional step in your playbook.


Acme declines to Bad Health, because they have a lower click rate than companies in their categories.

If Satisfaction is good:

If Satisfaction is average:

If satisfaction is bad:

If usage frequency is good:

If usage frequency is average:

If usage frequency is bad:

and so one.

Adapt your inline engagement to scores

An other way to provide relevant interactions with your customers is to include the health score (or additional and custom ones) to your engagement as follow:

Example with Renewal

Enters Renewal,

If health = Good ⇒ do X

If health = Average ⇒ do Y

If health = Bad ⇒ do Z

Wrap up

To ensure your customers’ success, it is important to provide your customers relevant interactions and actions that you can adapt to a lot of factors and scores.

Keep in mind to put yourself in your customers shoes as soon as you can to not miss anything.

One last thing: your focus as a company is to deliver the promise your customers are paying for. This being said, try to not overthink things at the beginning of your journey in next-gen customer success, go one step at a time!

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