How to setup Renewal Management

How to setup Renewal Management

In addition to the Renewal stage, and its related playbooks, you should built - you can also use the Renewal management to gain better visibility of your upcoming revenues and walk your customers through your renewal process.

To set it up, you will need to define which accounts you would like to see in this module (you can of course choose to see all of them and apply filters later on).

Conditions can be defined with subscriptions data, such as a periodicity, plan, subscription renewal date, etc.

Once identified, the accounts matching these conditions will be displayed through 2 main views:

• The Pipeline: totally “customizable” list of steps you can walk you customers through.

• The Calendar: a 1-year overview of your upcoming renewals split per month to provide you the most accurate revenue forecast.

The next article is about: How to define a workflow

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