Why integrate Pipedrive

  • Sync your Pipedrive activities with Salesmachine and enrich Salesmachine contacts and accounts with Pipedrive fields.
  • Sync your Salesmachine activities with Pipedrive and enrich Pipedrive people and organization with Salesmachine attributes.

How to connect

> Go to your DataManagement > Appstore > Integrations > Go to the section 'Connect external services' section > Connect Pipedrive

Once Pipedrive is connected, you need to configure the synchronisation settings to enable the integration.

Mapping Configuration

In order to identify which Pipedrive's contacts and organizations refer to Successeve's contact and accounts, you need to define mapping attributes.

For contacts, we recommend to use "Email" as the mapping fields on Pipedrive and Successeve.

For accounts, we recommend to use unique identifiers (IDs) as the mapping fields that you have both on Pipedrive and Successeve.

Sync Configuration

Sync Pipedrive attributes and activities to Successeve

Select the Pipedrive's fields that should sync with Successeve at the contact and account level.

Sync Successeve attributes and activities to Pipedrive

Select the Successeve's attributes that should sync with Successeve. Note:

Activate Integration

You have to save the settings to activate the integration.

Pipedrive attributes and activities are pushed to Successeve when there is a change on Pipedrive people or organizations. We check for updates every 5 minutes.

Need to import Pipedrive history to Successeve? Contact us.

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