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Routing your customers with Successeve Status

To help you automatically classify your Contacts and Accounts across its different products, Successeve offers 4 status: Trial, Paying, Churned and Not Converted.

Each one of these Status is condition-based and any Accounts or Contacts matching the Status conditions will automatically enter in the right Product.

If you want the Status to be defined automatically (no manual update from your team), we recommend you to provide attributes which will be used to define these status, such as the MRR, a subscription status, subscription start and end dates, for instance.

Main Ways of Scoring your Signups and Customers

Your Contacts and Accounts attributes and events will help your team score your signups and customers in 2 main ways:

• Frequency:  number of times an event has been performed by a contact, or someone within an account during a specific time frame (days, weeks, months)

• Milestone: number of times an event has been performed by a contact or someone within an account ever, since you started using Successeve.

Successeve will allow you to create many different type of scores by combining your Contacts and Accounts attributes to their events. These scores will be used to identify drops of usage, expansion opportunities, etc..

Check documentation about Scoring.

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