Getting Started with Zapier

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To help you hit the ground running, here are some popular pre-made Zaps.

How do I connect APP to Zapier?

1- Log in to your Zapier account or create a new account

2- Navigate to "Connected Accounts" from the top menu bar

3- Now click on "Connect new account" and search for Successeve

4- Use your credentials to connect your Successeve account to Zapier

5- Once that's done you can start creating an automation! Use a pre-made Zap or create your own with the Zap Editor. ⇒ Creating a Zap requires no coding knowledge and you'll be walked step-by-step through the setup.

How to Update contact or an Account From Zapier to Successeve?

  1. Choose App & Event ⇒ Successeve

2. Choose Action Event (as in example below):

  • Create Event
  • Update Contact
  • Update Account

3. Choose Account

⇒ If you are not already registered please click on Manage connected accounts

4. Then you fill in Successeve credentials: ApiToken and ApiSecret

⇒ When you update a contact from Zapier or create an event, the external_id should be the unique_id (successeve) or the contact email address.

  • To update the account, you have to fill in the unique_id in Successeve

PS: When you send data coming from Zapier, whatever its type (for example: Boolean, number etc..) - data is always considered as a string(text) in Successeve.

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