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Retain by Successeve helps you improve your customer retention and expansion by prioritizing your teams actions thanks to powerful scores.

Lifecycle Stages

Stages are a way to segment your customers according to the step they are in in your customer lifecycle. They can be linked to the cycle of your contracts and subscriptions, the milestones of usage your customers can reach, or any custom step of your process.

They are exclusive in the meaning that an Account or Contact will never be in 2 stages at the same moment and can be either Manual or Condition Based (automated).

The most classic lifecycle is the following : Onboarding, Adoption, Expansion, Renewal, but you are free to set it up for the most complex journey.

Please check our additional resources explaining how to set them and the different types of stages we have seen working the best:

How to Define your Lifecycle


Customer Health Scores

Customer Health Scores will help you identify within your customer base which customer are successful with your product and willing to keep going using it, or considered at risk because low satisfaction or low results for instance.

Depending on the way your configured your stages you can have them:

• defined once for all stages

• defined in the context of the stage

We highly recommend you to use objective conditions that will translate your customers’ success such as business metrics rather than subjective ones, related to your understanding of your customers’ satisfaction for instance.

You will be able to use factors such as quantity of issues faced with the product, satisfaction, and other conditions that can help you define risks triggers for your customers.

Renewal Pipeline

When working on an annual basis with your customers, once a year a critical question remains for all of them: should we keep going or not?

Depending on the deal size, SaaS companies tends to either automate this process or keep it manual with Account Managers or Customer Success Managers involved.

The Successeve Renewal Pipeline was designed to help you have a better overview of the upcoming renewals weighted with the Health of your Customers to provide you a more precise forecast of your upcoming revenues.

You can of course personalize it, but we usually recommend the following:

• Create a segment listing your accounts to be renewed within the next quarter (the ones your team will be focused on)

• Create a segment listing your accounts about to be renewed but scored at risk

These segment will be used as Filters in the Pipeline view so your team can focus their efforts where they need to be.

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