How to define your lifecycle

How to define your lifecycle

The Lifecycle is a list of Stages that will group your Contacts and Accounts according to the step they are in their journey with you.

Each stage is “exclusive”, which means that a Contact or Account can be in only one stage - so you know exactly where they stand. Each stage can have its own health scoring system, or apply the default health conditions.

These stage can either be Manual or Automated and are 100% custom to reflect your true lifecycle.

Manual stages are recommended for a high-touch approach - as you will will manually move the accounts and contacts to the stage they belong to.

Automated stages are based on logical conditions: the Contacts and Accounts will enter the stage for which they match the conditions.

Note: if a Contact or Account matches the conditions of 2 stages, they go to the strongest, or second one.


Stage 1: created_at more than 3 months ago

Stage 2: renewal_date will happen within 3 months

Stage 1 will list all the customers created more than 3 months ago, and for which the renewal date will happen in more than 3 months, or don’t have a renewal date.

Depending on your strategy, customers types and business model, different stages can be applied. Our guide “Build a world class retention system” will help you determine which ones are the most relevant for you.

The next article is about: How to setup Renewal Management

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