Identify risks factors

He is a non-exhaustive but quite common list of factors which can prevent your customers to reach their goals.

Risk factors


People might not be satisfied with your product (even if successful), or your experience, and will definitely let it you know answering your NPS surveys for instance.

Any low NPS score should be followed up asking for more details.

Breadth of usage

Let’s say your product has 5 main modules or features set that your customers can use. What if some of them only use 1 of these 5 modules?

Depth of usage

Modules and features sets come with more granular actions within each one of them. Checking how deep your customers are using your product might help you prevent low education.

Drop of usage

What if your customers reduce their overall usage by more than 20% in a month?

Technical issues

No one like to face technical issues. When people face several of them in a short timeframe, it should ring a bell for deeper analysis and may be outreach to prevent a churn.

Design engagement

As a company, your goal is to make sure your customers are getting their desired outcome as quick as possible. As you now identified which factors can prevent your customers to reach their goals, you can very easily make sure to provide them the right tools, education, and so on at each step.

Inline engagement

Detect risks and setup alerts

Do you remember the risk factors we mentioned earlier?

Being able to identify them is a good first step. The next step is to be able to be notified or to take action when they happen.

Master level is to adapt these actions according to your customers’ success to provide even more relevant outreach to them.

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