How to define your health scores

How to define your health scores

Health scores help you know wether your customers are successful or not at each and every step of your customer lifecycle.

Successeve provides 3 scores: Good, Average and Bad so your team doesn’t waste time trying to understand what makes your customer healthy or not.

By default, Successeve offers a score based on the frequency of usage of your customers. This default health score is applied to all lifecycle stages unless you choose a custom one.

How it works:

You can define the conditions of the Good and Bad Health Score. Your Accounts and Contacts will be scored according to the conditions you defined, either Good or Bad.

If they don’t match any of these conditions, they will be scored as Average.

Note: if your Accounts or Contacts match both Good and Bad conditions, they will be scored as Bad.

Choosing between AND and OR conditions:

In any condition-based score or segment, you can combine groups of conditions using AND and OR parameters.

In scoring the health of your customers, this mechanism can help you go one step further in having more granular scores.

AND conditions will have a “multiplication” effect. To be considered Healthy, your customers will have to match ALL the conditions (meaning they will be “very healthy”).

On the other hand, applying AND conditions on the Bad health score will help you identify customers that are really at risk.

Note: depending on the conditions and thresholds you define you may get a lot of Average, meaning customers not matching either Good or Bad conditions.

OR conditions will allow you to be a bit more permissive, considering that an account can be healthy for different reasons, or at risk for different reasons as well.

Note: Accounts and Contacts could match some Good Health conditions, and others Bad Health ones. In that case they will decline to Bad automatically, and you might have accounts switching on a regular basis from Good to Bad or Bad to Good quite often.

Combining AND conditions on the Good health score and OR conditions on the Bad health score will allow you to identify really healthy customers, and highlight some high risk factors that you don’t want to miss.

For more details about how to build the most relevant health scores we advise you to take a look at our guide “Building a world class retention system”.

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