Preparing the data

Contacts Minimum Viable Dataset

To get started with the Successeve API we recommend you to push the following attributes.


In order to be able to engage with your end-users, we recommend the following minimum dataset:

Pageviews and Events

Pageviews and events will translate the in-app behavior of your end-users. Depending on the granularity you can expect from our platform, different event tracking systems can be set-up.

Events can be linked to:

• the access of a specific page or part of your product (equivalent to a pageview, but recommended for critical pageviews such as pricing_page_access for instance)

• an action performed by your end-users, when clicking on a button for instance

Note: based on the pageviews, Successeve will automatically create the Contacts Sessions and aggregate them into Daily Sessions which represent the number of days during which Sessions have been performed (10 sessions on a Monday will create 1 daily_session).

Successeve allows you to track Contacts linked to multiple accounts. It is then recommended to push the account_uid as a parameter of the event.

Accounts Minimum Viable Dataset

In order to score and route your Account efficiently, we recommend the following minimum dataset:

The next article is about: Putting data in motion

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