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Successeve is my brainchild - a tool designed to serve multiple teams, a catalyst for democratizing Customer Success. It's about bringing everyone together around the client, creating a harmonious symphony of collaboration. With a sensible price point that scales with our users, Successeve is not just a tool, it's complexity accessible to all.
Gilles Samoun, Founder

Successeve is more easy to use and affordable

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Selim. C
Successeve has been a revelation for our customer retention efforts. The Retain module, in particular, stands out as a significant element of their offerings. It's incredibly intuitive, allowing us to tap into powerful analytics that inform our retention strategies. The scoring system prioritizes our actions so we can address the most impactful areas first, ensuring we're always a step ahead in maintaining customer satisfaction.
Gabriel. N
Successeve is really simple to use, and perfect to keep track of your users behavior and records. From these data, you're able to have a better management of your clients.

Successeve helps you provide more to your customers

SuccessEve is powerful

Everything is real-time and can be automated

Successeve receives data from sources across your entire stack and process it in real-time so you can take actions right away, not after a weekly sync.

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Successeve is customizable

Everything is 100% Personalized

We stand on the “softwares should adapt to business needs” side, not the opposite. Successeve is flexible enough so you can process your entire company with powerful scores and automations.

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Successeve is for teams

You will love working as teams

Ever wondered why each team prefer its own tools, impacting the whole productivity of your company? Get them into the Successeve Inbox and you won’t need to answer that question.

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Successeve helps you every day

You will be able to build habits and routines more easily

Get Successeve working for you, notifying you of important matters, and providing just the right information you need, when you need it. Stop chasing data, get it in your hands when you need to take action.

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