Product Update: Increased Personalization, Focus And Analytics

January 15, 2024
9 min read
Successeve Product News

Personalization: Custom Metrics

Every SaaS is different and success does not mean the same for every company.

While pulling metrics and scores that are relevant for all SaaS businesses, Successeve helps you create your own set of success metrics.

Whether you need to track your features adoption, have a deeper analysis of your customers actions, or understand if and how they are getting value out of your product, custom metrics are here to do the job!

⇒ Custom Metrics

The Salesmachine Custom Metrics are attributes calculated directly by Successeve and updated once a day.

With Custom Metrics, companies create unique attributes at contact or account level paving the way to more complex calculations such as :

  • The current value of an attribute
  • Variation of an attribute value in a period
  • Sum of an attribute of all contacts associated with an account
  • Average value of an attribute of all contact in account


  • Total number of events in a period
  • Number of contacts who performed events
  • Variation of an event in a period
  • Average number of event in a period
  • Average number of event in a period by account

Once created, Custom Metrics will be displayed in your contacts’ and/or accounts’ 360° view (based on what you specified).

Ultimately, Custom Metrics will improve considerably your understanding of product adoption, customer usage and satisfaction.

1. How are we perceived by our customer’s team? Would they recommend our solution?
Account Net Promoter Score: sum or average of the contacts NPS
Employees are changing companies every 18 months on average. Conducting NPS surveys can thus be useful to detect the promoters will help you spread the word and build up your reputation in the medium – long term.
But if you want to go further and unleash the full capabilities of your NPS initiatives, have a look at NPS account view to forecast the mood of your upcoming renewal discussion. Because, as for anything in life, forewarned is forearmed…
2. How many users used my key features over the last month?
Key features adoption and usage: number of contacts who performed events
If you want to keep your customers happy, you need them to get the best value out of your product. For that purpose, uncovering the number of contacts by account who performed key actions with your product is both a useful and straightforward indicator of the account’s health.
3. Are my customers increasing or decreasing their usage?
Usage Expansion – Variation of an event in a period
Nothing is set in stone and product usage may vary along your customer’s lifecycle. By calculating the % of key features usage over a time frame, you’ll both be in a position to get ready for a hard renewal discussion (usage decrease) or detect upselling opportunities (usage increase).
In any case, knowledge is power indeed.

Focus: Business Modules

SaaS companies are changing fastly, becoming increasingly product-led.

Which means that the way customers interact with the product is becoming a very important information to more teams and departments within the company.

That’s why Successeve 4 business modules framework becomes increasingly relevant – providing the information, communication & collaboration tools one needs whether they are a marketing or sales reps focusing on converting trial users, customer success working on increasing the product adoption, or a CEO in need of instant usage, revenue or productivity reports.

Our goal in segmenting our product is to create an ever better adequacy with your business objectives and processes. So that basic success metrics become more meaningful for each team.

Analytics: Executive Reports

Finally, and in the same spirit of providing more insights to the person who needs it within the company, Successeve’s Executive Module now provides admins – CEOs, VPs and and Head ofs – with a set of more than 30 executive reports covering product usage, revenue and productivity.

So that company’s executives – of all areas of focus – can go much further and in much more detail into the essential analytics of their core business – all there, in the same place.

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