Product Updates: What Happened In 2022?

January 15, 2024
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Successeve Product News

Being a product-led company ourself, we strongly believe that the prosperous future of our users relies on the constant improvement of our solution according to their evolving needs.

From our new take on modules, to integrations, new features and developer-designed products…looking back at last year’s many product updates attest of this dedication to the product.

⇒  check out below what we did for you in 2022.

Stronger Together: Integrations

As we make it our goal to provide our customers with the most accurate metrics and scores – we must have all customer information in one place. Integrating our solution with the rest of our customer’s stack is very important.

So we work on building the best native integrations.

⇒ Zendesk

Many of you use Zendesk for support management, making it a major source of information for us.

New features include:

  • Ticket’s details directly in Successeve
  • Ticket’s events available : new, open, pending, closed
  • Direct access to the Zendesk’s ticket via a link
  • Import of tickets history

⇒ Outlook

Our new integration with Outlook offers the same features as the one we already had with Gmail :

  • Synchronize only customers emails – no spam or non related emails
  • Manage your zero customers inbox
  • Respond directly in Salesmachine

Zooming-In: Modules

Metrics are very important in our business – but even more so when crossed and put into perspective with the users’ journey.

From conversion to adoption and (sometimes) churn…the risks and opportunities attached to your customers life cycles are immense.

We help you detect those and initiate the relevant actions every step of the way.

⇒ Convert

  • Analyze product-fit
  • Measure product adoption
  • Detect Product Qualified Leads
  • Trigger the right actions to raise product adoption and then conversion
  • Save time and focus on Qualified leads

⇒ Churn

  • Understand why your customers are churning and the impact on your business.
  • Segment churned customers by plan, product engagement, …
  • Winback churned customers thanks to tailormade sequences/actions based on cancelation’s reason
  • Set reports to understand the impact of churn on your business

Features That Take You Further

By now you’re very much aware that Salesmachine does not stop at aggregating your data all in one place in order to provide you with account-based product analytics. We’re a collaborative environment in which our customers (you) can act upon the metrics and scores we sort out for you.


Automations are paramount if you want to be able to act upon all the insights we make available to you – so we make it a priority to constantly improve and refine them. Have you noticed this year’s changes ?

Trigger An Automation To Your Customers Manually

This new feature allows you to trigger a workflow or a playbook manually or directly from a Table view.

For instance, in the event of a poorly managed onboarding – putting a client at risk – a new onboarding Playbook can be manually activated with a designated customer success team member..  
An essential trick to adding human intelligence to automations.

Packaged Automations

Earlier last year we introduced a series of “packaged automation” to ease the implementation of tasks automations for generic business cases such as new trials or churn.

Built on default conditions, these off-the-shelf automations work for every module Convert, Adopt and Churn.

This update results in immediate benefits for the revenue teams : actions set-up in less than 30 seconds and a good way to start with automations.


In order to standardize the application for all the company’s users, we decided to introduce a new feature: ‘Shared Views’.

This feature is allowing an admin to define and create standard views for every  Segments/Stages of the application (including the chosen columns).

This will ensure that every user can benefit from the same information level.

Each user will also be able to customize these standard views (by adding/deleting columns).

This simple functionality is of great help to managers who need to create a common working environment for his team. Thanks to Shared Views, one always knows what his colleague is referring to on the platform!


Forewarned is forearmed…our enhanced notifications center makes it possible for you to:

  • Get notified when new events occur like change of status, health or specific event and take action immediately and keep a record of these changes.
  • Group, sort playbooks and tasks for better efficiency for better prioritization.

Geeking Around


We’ve finally added a new API set to access Successeve stored KPIs and objects.

This will ease integrations with Successeve.

With the following objects, now accessible: Accounts, Contacts, Notes, Activities (Call, Tasks, Meetings logs) and Users.

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