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Explaining how your product works is the very first step for guaranteeing a good product adoption and conversion. Make sure your trials know where to head up.


Automate product and success onboarding process

Boost product engagement for low adoption customers with feature education emails using Workflows, and Playbooks for onboarding sequences.


In this recipe you will learn how to send a first welcome email to your new signups which can be adapted to the type of customer you are looking for.

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Define the scores

Successeve provides 3 leads scores during trial:

• Customer Fit Score: are your leads matching your ICP?

• Product Adoption Score: what did your leads do in your product?

• Product Qualified Lead Matrice: when do they qualify for conversion?

Define relevant signals to score your leads during their trial.

Segment your new signups

Setup a segment identifying new signups in order to trigger automations and access pre-built dashboards and reports helping you keeping track of their scores.

Setup your automations

Trigger a Workflow when they enter your segment, with different content sent according to their scores.

Adapt your message based on attributes such as their country, technologies used, and company size.

Guide them to the next milestone according to their in-app behaviour.