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In order to get your app set up for your own purpose, we will need to walk you through a few steps so you can understand the mechanisms working behind the stage and make them work for you.

Successeve comes with multiple products, all designed to help you convert, grow, and retain your customers.

In short, the journey begins at customers’ signup, and ends when you need to analyze their churn or try to win them back. Each one of these products come with different scoring solutions and features such as the lifecycle stages, pipelines, segments, playbooks and workflows.

Discover our Products

Convert: Identify your Product Qualified Leads (and Accounts) among your signup and improve your conversion rate with the Successeve Customer Fit and Product Adoption Scores.

Retain: Score the health of your customers all along the lifecycle and prioritize the actions of your teams accordingly to improve your retention and maximize your customer expansion.

Churn: Automatically categorize your churn to have a better understanding of what needs to be improved in your company to improve your retention.

Analytics: Get ready to use analytics components to improve your understanding of your customer in-app behavior.

Score: Build powerful custom metrics and scores to keep track of what matters the most to your customers.

Define the status

Successeve organizes the routing of your Contacts and Accounts through these different products thanks to the Status.

If you visit this page, you will be able to define the Status of your Accounts and their Contacts as follow:

• Trial: Accounts routed to Convert

• Paying: Account routed to Retain

• Churn: Accounts routed to Churn

• Not Converted: Accounts available in Analytics or Score, but usually teams prefer to send them to their favorite Marketing CRM for nurturing purpose.

Here are more details about how to setup your Status:

Configure your app

Once your status are set, you are ready to move to the next steps!

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